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ACT_STRING_PASSING and Transactions (omriemann)

Bob Gregory
Hi all,

I've got a mostly-working Riemann module together, and I'm tidying it up at
the moment. I've hit a problem while implementing batching.

Current omriemann uses OMSR_TPL_AS_MSG  to get the raw message from the
runtime. We do this so that we can look up properties, including json
properties and syslog properties, at runtime.

Since sending events to Riemann requires a network roundtrip, it would be
better if we could batch our calls, and send many events in a single

From my understanding, I need to make my output module transactional in
order to batch, but when I do so, I get the error "action is transactional
but parameter uses invalid parameter passing mode".

Can I ask:

1) Is there a better way to implement batching - ommongo doesn't use
transactions, presumably for the same reason - is it sending each log event
2) Why must I use ACT_STRING_PASSING for transactional modules? I'm
guessing it's because of the way that the runtime manages and disposes of
the raw messages.
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